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Leather Furniture Cleaning in New Jersey

New Jersey Carpet Cleaning specializes in leather furniture cleaning for both residential and commercial establishments. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction, and we make every effort to providing you with reliable and high quality services.

Generally leather repels most stains if blotted up immediately and most stains will dissipate with time. However, leather does absorb oils. The oil, perspiration and acids found on the human body, build up and become embedded in the leather, causing serious damage.

When leather is not maintained on a regular basis, its brilliance will become hidden by dust, soil, cooking fumes, body oils, and other atmospheric pollutants. These contaminants begin to oxidize leather surfaces causing them to dehydrate as their natural oils evaporate. Fine dust particles will then penetrate the leather organic gaps which may lead to cracks and splits. The main cause of cracked leather is drying and dehydration of the leather.

If you don’t maintain your upholstered leather furniture, the leather will start to fade, especially if the leather upholstery is in an area of your home or office that has bright lights or is placed under direct sunlight. Body oils that are left on the leather will eventually start to dissolve the finishing dyes which causes its original color to fade. Its surface will dry out and in some cases will even start to crack.

Our highly trained and efficient technicians are knowledgeable in the different kinds of leather. They are experienced in leather furniture cleaning and understand the characteristics of the specific leather of the upholstery. They will examine the leather and use the proper cleaning agents for that specific leather for best cleaning results. The results of the leather furniture cleaning will astound you. We know that our customers value their leather furniture and expect only the best quality cleaning that keeps the long-term condition of their furniture in mind.

We also use specialized non-damaging leather furniture cleaning brushes that are gentle and yet very effective at removing deeply imbedded soil, dust, atmospheric pollutants from leathers. Leather conditioning helps repair slight fading and sun damage by darkening its color. Our leather conditioning service is essential for the life, looks and durability of your leather furniture.

At New Jersey Carpet Cleaning we realize that our company’s future depends on the quality of service we provide our customers and loyalty of our customers year after year, you can rest assured that when using New Jersey Carpet Cleaning’s services, you will enjoy the best service possible. Whether you need cleaning services weekly, monthly, or yearly, we are available to work with your schedule! Your convenience is given the utmost attention.

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