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Stone Marble Polishing | Restoration | Refinishing
in New Jersey

At New Jersey Carpet Cleaning we specialize in the art of marble stone restoration and polishing. Our services include marble stone restoration services include marble cleaning, marble honing and resurfacing, marble polishing and refinishing, stone patching, marble installation, and marble maintenance, removal of stains, scratches, rust marks, pitting, mold and mildew, and Marble floor maintenance. We clean and restore various stone and marble; natural stone floors, countertops, tables, mantels, showers, tubs and decks, granite, travertine, terrazzo, slate, limestone, and ceramic whether it is inside or outside your home or office.

New Jersey Carpet Cleaning is dedicated solely to the preservation and restoration of your natural stone. We take pride in the superior quality of our work and strive to provide our clients the best results. Our mission is simply to make our customers satisfied, so they can enjoy the quality and beauty of their natural stone for a lifetime. We are most committed to providing our residential customers, general contractors, designers and architects, building maintenance managers and other stone professional colleagues with a level of detailed workmanship and attention that is without equal.

The first step in the rehabilitation of marble and stone at a home or office’s exterior or interior involves an accurate assessment. Then a proper scope of marble stone restoration work can be established. For example, in extreme cases as water which is the primary cause of deterioration, we must understand the management of water. Mass wall systems must be allowed to breathe, cavity wall systems must drain, and barrier wall systems must be sealed. Our trained and certified craftsmen have the experience necessary to care for your stone and marble in a timely professional manner. Each marble stone restoration begins with a detailed assessment of the stone's condition, and best restoration approach.

When using our marble and limestone cleaning, polishing and restoration services you are getting the best. New Jersey Carpet Cleaning has many years of experience polishing and restoring marble and stone. We use safe marble cleaners to help your natural stone surface keep its beauty. Whether you are looking for a marble cleaner, need a marble cleaning or seeking someone knowledgeable in marble cleaning, marble polishing or marble stone restoration you have come to the right place. New Jersey Carpet Cleaning will also provide you with guidance on how to proper caring, clean, and maintaining your marble or stone surface in order to keep it looking their best for many years to come. We bring years of experience in protecting your new stone investment and restoring your pre-existing natural stone, marble or tile and grout.

We are hear to put the final touch and treatment on any interior or exterior residential or commercial property project having any specified natural dimensional stone or other masonry material. We add to or restore the beauty and longevity already created by nature and your own personal vision.

Let New Jersey Carpet Cleaning bring Your Marble Back to Life! We look forward to providing you with excellent Service and Craftsmanship!

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